We love six team tournaments because they’re much more intimate and friendlier (typically) competitions. Do you need a double-elimination tournament bracket for six teams because you have a tournament coming up and require a printable guide? 

Well, we’re glad you’re here and we have got you covered.

Whether you’re organizing your own tournament, playing in the tournament itself, or are one of those heavily-invested (in a good way) soccer moms or simply friend wanting to support your bestie, tournaments can be a slog and a bit tricky to follow. That’s especially true when you’re more a supporter than a fan of the actual sport.

For all you children of the 1980’s, Punky Brewster is now a soccer mom.

What’s a 6-Team Double-Elimination Bracket?

Depending on how many times are participating and how many losses a team is allowed, tournament vary in size. For example, a double elimination bracket is broken up in two categories: the “winners” bracket and the “losers” bracket. I know “losers” sounds harsh, but it’s just he term that’s used.

Each bracket (winners and losers) will run the same way a single elimination tournament would. Each team begins in the winners bracket until they lose. The losing team is placed into the “losers” section. They still have a chance at the championship, but only until they lose a second time, then they’re out. 

Printable 6 Team Double Elimination Bracket

Our six team double-elimination printer-friendly brackets comes in a variety of options, formats and layouts. Pick which one you want and you can download and view or print them out in PDF, a full-size, high-resolution image or in customizable Excel spreadsheet. Here you are: 6 Team Double Elimination bracket printable PDF as well as our 6 Team Double Elimination Bracket in XLSX format.

A printable bracket will ensure that you’re keeping track of the entire tournament field a whole lot easier. With a bracket you can stay on top of the latest games and get a sense of the larger tournament standings with any one of our printer-friendly brackets, which all come in a variety of layouts and formats.

Our brackets aren’t just restricted to basketball, but can be leveraged for volleyball, baseball, soccer, football and hockey tournaments too. As long as that tournament is a double-elimination then our blank printable brackets will work with any tournament – check out our other bracket designs for 6-team double elim brackets here. Go to Interbasket if you need a 6 team single elimination bracket.