The NHL playoffs is almost here, and that means that the 2021 NHL playoff bracket is just about to end. That’s why we know that soon enough you’ll need the Stanley Cup 2021 bracket. Find the best one here, so you’re ready for the end of the exciting NHL regular season of this year.

The 2021 Stanley Cup Bracket

NHL’s 2019-2020 regular season started in October, and since them, some exciting games have been keeping us on the edge of our seats. Now, 2019 is about to finish –and what a year for our national leagues. But worry not, because 2020 will come packed with some of the most exciting sporting events, including, of course, the Stanley Cup.

This year, some of the favorites are the St. Louis Blues (current champions), Tampa Bay Lightning, the Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins, and many others. Not only will this be an exciting season, but the Stanley Cup is gathering some hype that anyone can feel.

If you’re one of those hardcore fans, you already have your own personalized bracket, maybe even with predictions about which teams will represent each conference this year. If that’s not the case, don’t worry, because here at PrinterFriendly we have your back.

Take your guess for the 2020 NHL playoff bracket 

The dates and teams that will participate in the 2020 Stanley Cup are yet to be determined. The season will end on April 4, 2020, and immediately after that, you can expect the dates to be revealed. Still, you can start predicting what you think is 2020’s perfect bracket. How to do it? Well, just download our incredibly useful bracket in any of the three available formats, and let the fun begin.

NHL Playoff Bracket 2020

After that, you’ll just need to fill the spots and share your predictions with friends and family –be ready for some haters though. Do you need a standard version of this bracket? Check out our regular 16-team single-elimination bracket.

Download printable 2020 Stanley Cup brackets here

Now that the NHL season is ready to re-kick off, you’re also ready to download and print out your 2020 NHL Playoff brackets. At, you’ll find some of the best bracket formats, layouts and designs to download this bracket for free, so you can use it as you please before or when the 2020 Stanley cup starts.

NHL Playoff Bracket 2020

Click on brackets to download in JPG format.

If you want to print it, download the PDF version of the layout, so you can print it with just a few clicks. If you want to customize it with your predictions, then the XLS version if the best to add names of your favorite teams.