2020 NFL Super Bowl 54

As with every year, the Super Bowl is going to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Super Bowl 54 in 2020 will be no different as one of the most exciting sports events of the new decade. So you must be ready with your NFL playoff bracket.

Find here the best official bracket layout to keep up with this amazing and unique event.

NFL Super Bowl bracket and teams

The 100th season of the NFL is set to end in 2020, where many more games that will be exciting are being prognosticated. The final game will take place on February 2, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Then we will find out who will be the overall best team of the season, and the new winner for this super bowl. The hype is in the air as some of the best teams are expected to appear on the final bracket.

The defending champions, New England Patriots, are once again the favorites to make it to the finals and earn a new collection of rings. This time Los Angeles Rams have moved into a lower position on the list of favorites to take their place on the bracket. The Packers, 49ers, Cowboys, Ravens, Vikings, Eagles, and Seahawks are also among the top teams to make it, and we are excited to see which among the favorite’s list will finally appear on the bracket.

This is a must-get 2019 NFL playoff bracket for fans

With such an exciting Super Bowl coming our way, we need to be fully prepared to watch it and keep up with what could be the best games of 2019 and the icing on top of an intense regular season this year. Hardcore fans will certainly download our bracket to keep up with the games as their team advances, and, of course, to take it out when haters come around bashing your team.2020 NFL Playoff Bracket

This is the same simple bracket of every year, where you’ll find the top 12 places for the best teams of the regular season. However, the dices are still rolling, so you’ll have to wait to fill it up with final names (or make your own prediction, why not?). Do you need a standard version? Check out our regular 12-team single-elimination bracket.

Download here the best printable 2019 NFL playoff bracket

You’ll find here the best formats to download this bracket for free, so you can use it as you please before or when the Super Bowl 54 starts.2020 NFL Playoff Bracket

If you want a simple and light version of the bracket, which is also perfect for phones and tablets, the JPG version is what you need. Click the image to download. If you want to be print it easily, download the PDF version of the 2019 bracket (remember to get a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader). If you want to customize the bracket and add names when the final roster comes in, then the XLS version is the best.