13-team double-elimination bracket

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13-team double-elimination bracket

Maybe you were hosting a 12 team double elimination bracket and that one last team was added to the roster. Now you need a 13-team double-elimination bracket that fixes all of your issues regarding the organization on paper of the tourney. With our brackets you’ll get:

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Why the double-elimination system?

The double-elimination system is one of the most effective ways of fixing the main issues of the single-elimination system for quick tournaments. In this type of tournaments, each team has twice the number of matches, which will keep all the followers of such teams engaged for longer.

13-team double-elimination bracket

Now, there are a few challenges to use it. First, there’s a possible extra match that may or may not is used if the team from the winner’s bracket loses at the final. This can also elevate the cost of renting a venue for the match. You think you could use some speed? Check out the 13-team single-elimination bracket.

Download the best 13 team double elimination bracket to print out

Below, you will find the most useful 13 team D.E printable layouts. Feel free to download them, print them, customize them, and share them with whomever you want. Make sure to keep PrinterFriendly among your favorite websites so you can easily check our new downloadable content from time to time.