A basketball score sheet is a template that allows a coach or spectator to track how a game plays out. The most basic sheet records both team points and fouls, as well as individual players’ points and fouls. A more complex scoresheet (like those used by the International Basketball Federation or the National Basketball Association) can track more stats for players, such as rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and turnovers. This post contains several different complexities of sheets ranging from more simple to less, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs! 

Basketball scoresheet simple
simple basketball score sheet

To download the above basketball worksheet as a PDF, click here.

Before the game, whoever’s recording the scores should fill out fields that can be completed ahead of time, such as the names of each team and the numbers and/or names of the players. Certain parts of the sheet need to be confirmed before being written down, such as a foul shot. You can confirm these with officials later if you miss a call. This still leaves a good deal of information that needs to be recorded during the game – familiarize yourself with your scoresheet before it starts so you know where to look when the action gets going!

Basketball scoresheet with player details

printable basketball scoresheet with individual statss

To download the above scoresheet as a PDF, click here.

These images are optimized to fit on regular printer paper – you can print directly from the downloaded image, or copy and paste it into a document to expand the margins.

Basketball scoresheet with quarter tracking

free basketball score sheet with rebounds

To download the above scoresheet as a PDF, click here.

Basketball Scoresheet Tips: 

  • If you have your own symbols for fouls, points, etc., use them! It can add even more detail to the scoresheet.
  • It can help a scorer to use different colored pens for each period to add to the visual differences on the sheet.
  • It can be tricky to use the sheet for a fast-paced game, so we recommend focusing on marking down what the individual players are doing and then using that information to fill in the reminder during slower times. 

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