We are still in the middle of the baseball season – and the NFL show is just about to start up again. But for NBA fans, there is still a little time to get acquainted with the new players on your teams’ rosters and check out the NBA betting markets. That’s not to say that the offseason has been quiet though. As usual, there has been a lot going on off the court this summer. Players have been moving around the country – and a lot of very big contracts have been signed. Just in case you have taken some time off this year, we have brought together five of the biggest NBA stories to come out during the offseason.

Donovan Mitchell to Cleveland

It had looked as though Donovan Mitchell was going to return to his hometown and become the latest star with the pressure of turning the Knicks into a contender heaped onto his shoulders. But plans change. Instead, the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired the All-Star guard. Sure the franchise gave up a major bounty but now they have championship hopes that are a bit clearer. The Cavs gave up a whole host of players and picks for Mitchell – something that will do the Utah Jazz no end of good too. But Mitchell is the real deal and he automatically turns Cleveland back into a challenger in its own right. The Knicks don’t seem overly upset about the deal either.

Durant and Irving Stay in Brooklyn (For Now)

James Harden had already jumped ship for the Sixers and it looked nailed on that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would also be following the bearded one out of the door at the Nets. But somehow we have got to September with both the two Brooklyn stars still in Brooklyn. It does still feel as though Irving will be playing elsewhere this season. But KD had requested a trade at the end of June and had been locked into negotiations ever since. Now he has decided to stay on with the Nets and keeps them as a playoff team. Will he be enough though?

Holmgren Out for Season

Oklahoma City Thunder took Chet Holmgren second overall in the NBA Draft and the 7ft-1 college star from Gonzaga was tipped for good things in the big league. But now Thunder fans – and the rest of us – will have to wait to see whether Holmgren can translate college skills to the NBA. That’s because Holmgren suffered an injury to his right foot playing in the summer league – against LeBron James, no less. He will now sit out the entire 2022-23 season and look to come back even stronger next year. It is undoubtedly a blow for OKC, who has been struggling for the last few years.

More Money for LeBron

The Lakers missed out on the playoffs completely last year after a disastrous regular season. But that hasn’t stopped LeBron James getting paid. In fact, he has just signed a deal that makes him the highest earning NBA player of all time. His two-year, $97.1m extension eclipses all others. There had been rumors that LeBron would test free agency at the end of next year but now the four-time NBA champion will remain in Los Angeles as long as he likes. There is still a good roster at the Lakers – and room to bring in more players – so James might even be able to add to his ring collection too.

Boston Recruits Wisely

While the Lakers splash out the money to keep LeBron in LA and the Cavs trade away a lot for a chance of a player to build the team around, the Boston Celtics just keep on plugging away and adding to a very good roster. This is a team that just missed out on a championship – and it has arguably now gotten even better. Even with the drama surrounding Ime Udoka, the Celtics trade for Malcolm Brogdon and signing of Danilo Gallinari that has strengthened Boston while losing very little. Brogdon was essentially traded for a future first round pick and will be able to excel from day one. Don’t sleep on the Celtics this season.

Of course there’s more to that. Just off the top of my head: How will Ben Simmons mesh in Brooklyn? How will Zion Williamson look in his long-awaited return to New Orleans? With Kawhi’s return help the Los Angeles Clippers compete for the West? We’re excited to get the season started.