So, it’s December, the holiday season, but more importantly for college basketball fans, its one less month till March Madness 2015. Before you get your printable March Madness bracket from and get to that most glorious time of the year, we have many unmissable college basketball games to watch.

Arizona at UNLV (Dec 23rd)

Expect a whole lot of unbelievable athleticism on display when you tune in to watch Arizona and UNLV duke it out just before Christmas. Both teams are stock full of young budding basketball talents, with Arizona having a slight edge with their experience.

Xavier at Cincinnati (Feb 18th)

Okay, both of these teams are probably not many people’s favorites for making it to the final four, or anywhere close to that. But the Crosstown Classic always makes for an exciting game of basketball, as the two rivals from the same town battle it out.

Diamond Head Classic Final (Dec 25th)

If you want to watch some good basketball on Christmas Day, while you take a break from your Christmas Festivities, then you can catch the Diamond Head Classic Final. Colorado and Wichita State are most likely to be in the final, so it should be an interesting contest.

Connecticut at Florida (Jan 3rd)

A few months back the Florida Gators fell to the UCONN huskies, a very unlikely result and out of character for a very good Florida team; at least according to the Gator fans. So, this would be an opportunity for them to redeem themselves. It won’t be on the same stage, but they may get a bit of pride back with a win here.

Kentucky at Louisville (Dec 27th)

One of the most anticipated games on the college basketball schedule, the Wildcats will visit the Cardinals for an instant classic. The rivalry between the two schools is one of the best in college hoops scene. And now that both the teams are playing their best basketball, you can definitely expect some fireworks; just in time for the holidays.

Not a bad haul of games to pass the time. So, sit back, make some extra eggnog, and catch these great games of basketball this holiday season!